Ulanzi’s new U-rig Metal video review

Smartphone video is getting very popular, as the quality is improving, but isn’t perfect. To make the task easy and to improve the Mobile Filmaking professionalism Ulanzi propose the new U-Rig Metal, video rig. They send me a unit to review it, of course, all in this video is my

Les Flammes Du Ciel – Short Film

Since I was a kid, I was fascinated with the Universe, Stars, Cosmos… By reading Carl Sagan’s book “COSMOS” I was inspired to make this short film. A kids imagination and how close it is to the Scientific Method… «Les Flammes Du Ciel» means “The Flames of the Sky”, for

7 Creative Ideas with Christmas Lights

Here are some cool ideas to go out and photograph. I started with playing with the most obvious, a tutorial about Bokeh (I did say it wrong…), but there is much more! Like Reflections and camera movements. Merry Christmas! 0:23 – Getting the Boke1:55 – Neewer 85mm f1.82:50 – the

«Les Flammes Du Ciel» [soon] Short Film

Soon [1st January 2019] this 2 minuts short film will be available! Please enjoy it and share it! If you what to be remembered you can ad an YouTube Reminder, or you my subscribe to this web site (on the end of the page) to get emails from my future

5 Cool Tutorials WITH SnapSeed

I have been using SnapSeed for almost all posts on my Instagram, for that I think is fair to make a tutorial about it as I did about Adobe’s apps. Just playing mixed with knowledge of light and photography, I came up with 5 cool tutorials to share on this

Mix Photos In Adobe Photoshop Mix app

Adobe’s apps are criticized a lot for being buggy and slow for photo editing, but it wasn’t my experience. In here I featured Lightroom app and Photoshop Mix app editor. The multilayer editing in touch screens smartphones has been really difficult to replicate but I think that Adobe Photoshop mix

Strange Stuff on my Camera Bag 📷

Most projects in photography you have to DIY something… For that you need tools! Here what over the years I start to put on my camera bag that isn’t #photography related but I use for taking pics! I travel a lot at work but just knowing that I’m prepared to