My Netherlands photos in magazines

Photo by Miguel de Sá

When I travel, for work or for pleasure, my camera always come with me take photos, to film HSB PAYS-BAS (or OBT Netherlands in English) was no different (check the trailer here ⇓). And surprise surprised, some of my photos were published on some magazines. I didn’t explore much of Amsterdam, as an arts enthusiastRead More

Curriculum Vitae now in English and French

It’s done! In this page you can download it! As I live in France I did this Curriculum Vitae version first in French. The English version is an EuroPass CV, as I’m an international player. Maybe Portuguese to?! I don’t know…. So, share your perspective on the comments! Thanks! Here it goes the main points:Read More

My last job…

Out of job… yes for the moment I’m out of job… Is not that bad, I might be able now to get my hands on the portfolio (in some way is this site…) as well have some fun! Cum along for my new chapter. ! Une publication partagée par Miguel de Sá ( le 7 Oct.Read More

Geneva Motor Show 2017, for cars lovers

So, Geneva Motor Show is the annual tradition, of cars lovers, that I my lost in the future… last year was assomme, a friend challenge me to see if I can take selfies with the maximum of hostess on the different car brands as possible, a loot of new game changer news, and so on. ThisRead More

Dolphins and whale watching!!!

Video Print Screen of Dolphins

The summer of 2015, me and some friends did some whale watching in the Azores (whit a loot of dolphins watching), loots and loots of fun! So this is the first time that I properly used the rugged selfy-stick, a birthday gift. I must be honest, I think I invented this technique. A conclusion thatRead More