But for the eyes…

The windows of the eyes of… or the soul have windows and they are ey…?! It doesn’t matter. I’m not a macro photographer person. But for the eyes… all started with a friend proposed to take a photo of her sister’s eyes (both of them have nice eyes too). I do have a 24-105mm F4Read More

Annecy’s Carnaval

Invited by a friend, he did participated on the Annecy’s Carnaval, I was surprised by the attention of details and amount of people that cames to this Sunday Carnaval (2017/03/12) from Italy. Annecy is sometimes called the Venise of France, it have some sense and this Carnaval is one of them, as there is more people inRead More

Badboy Look

Is not the first time that I have done a photo shoot with my friend and his girlfriend. But this time he wasn’t so shy to ask and propose a badboy look. As so we’re on abandoned hospital somewhere lost in the mountains. The graffiti and the corresponding vibe colors on their chosen clothes reinforce the badboy Read More

Time-lapse “Longe – Tenho tempo que voa”

“Tenho tempo que voa” it’s part of a collection of time-lapse that I make when I’m in Azores (or Açores in Portuguese), my home, Yes! I’m Azoren… This time I went to São Miguel whit my friends Elsa and Maëlle, so we did more than a time-lapse of Azores, so check my other videos.

Curriculum Vitae in French?

Ya… sorry about that! In this page you can download it! As I live in France I did this Curriculum Vitae version first in French. I will share with you the English version as soon as possible, as I’m an international player. Maybe Portuguese to?! I don’t know…. You might be questioning the one pageRead More