7 Creative Ideas with Christmas Lights

Here are some cool ideas to go out and photograph. I started with playing with the most obvious, a tutorial about Bokeh (I did say it wrong…), but there is much more! Like Reflections and camera movements. Merry Christmas! 0:23 – Getting the Boke1:55 – Neewer 85mm f1.82:50 – the Bokeh part 24:30 – Move!6:25Read More

5 Cool Tutorials WITH SnapSeed

I have been using SnapSeed for almost all posts on my Instagram, for that I think is fair to make a tutorial about it as I did about Adobe’s apps. Just playing mixed with knowledge of light and photography, I came up with 5 cool tutorials to share on this video. Feel free to shareRead More

Mix Photos In Adobe Photoshop Mix app

Adobe’s apps are criticized a lot for being buggy and slow for photo editing, but it wasn’t my experience. In here I featured Lightroom app and Photoshop Mix app editor. The multilayer editing in touch screens smartphones has been really difficult to replicate but I think that Adobe Photoshop mix did the trick as it’sRead More

Color Grading the Milky-way Way

Lightroom app is a cool and a pro level photo editor and is a great option for the Milky Way Raw images. I did already make a video tutorial on how to photograph the Milky Way↗, so this one is more focused on the photo editing/grading. This video tutorial will is the 3rd part ofRead More

Photographe the Milky-way Way – 📷

I started photographing the milky-way years ago… by learning from my errors. Starting by applying my knowledge of astrophysics and transport it into astrophotography. Adding to my knowledge ideas from the internet, I have this technique to photograph the Milky Way and that is what I’m sharing here. We will explore from the gear, calculations,Read More

Photography: Understanding Lenses

This video tutorial/class is what I would like that someone explains me years ago, how lens work? The optical part of a camera is one of the most complex, important functions on photography, in here I explained focus, the field of view or zoom, and finally and aperture. Put it in practice and show theRead More

ThunderStorm! Lightning Photography Vlog

My first time photographing lightning!!! Just a vlog, for some reason in the middle of July a thunderstorm started at the beginning of the night… View this post on Instagram From some reason it started to rain like it was the end of the world! And #thunderstorm! #⚡ #🌩️ #⛈️ #longexpose #amazing_longexposure #tutorial #photography #photoofthedayRead More