Smartphone Stars Trails Photography tutorial

Star trails is something very exciting and easy to make. This tutorial shows you how a its possible by using a smartphone. Of course this effect could be done on a regular Camera or DSLR. Here is the result in Instagram! View this post on Instagram New tutorial on my #YouTube #channel 😊 the #SmartphoneRead More

Super Moon Photo – It’s very easy…!

I’m not in love by photographing the Moon, but… I guess everyone else is! The Super-moon is my opportunity to show you how it’s donne, of course this guide can be used to regular Moon photos. View this post on Instagram Lukey to get this shoot on the super moon super moon. #📸 And yes…Read More

360 VR features in Adobe 2018

The 360 video is here to stay, YouTube, Facebook are trying to make it mainstream on there’s platforms, and 360 cameras are coming out like hot cakes. On response of that Adobe creative cloud implemented new tools to work on 360 / equirectangular / VR videos/photos (after buying Skybox from Mettle). Mainly on Photoshop, PremiereRead More

Photography: what is Exposure?

No matter what camera is used, DSLR, Mirrorless, Smartphone, point-and-shoot, know / control the camera, light and exposure is taking the photography to the next level… If is taking photos or videos, all gear are bound to the same Exposure Rules. This video explains all 3 pillars of exposure, aperture, shutter speed, and ISO in theRead More

Photographe and Photoshop (FaKe) STAR TRAIL

Star Trail is a type of photo of assemble technique / multi exposures of stars. We didn’t want to stay that long so, we cheated with Photoshop… View this post on Instagram Normally Star Trail is a type of photo of assemble technique / multi exposures of stars. We didn't want to stay that longRead More

Smartphone Light Painting Photography

Smartphone Light Painting Photography

As we can do a long exposure on a smartphone is really easy to transit to a Light Painting Photography on a android or iPhone. This video tutorial is used a new OnePlus 5 phone, that it have a “Pro mode” camera or the mode that have manual exposure and it can shoot in RAW,Read More