Smartphone Light Painting Photography

Smartphone Light Painting Photography

As we can do a long exposure on a smartphone is really easy to transit to a Light Painting Photography on an android or iPhone. This video tutorial is used a new OnePlus 5 phone, that it has a “Pro mode” camera or the mode that have manual exposure and

Photographe the Milky Way with a Smartphone

Step by step tutorial of how you can photograph the center of our Milky Way with a smartphone. The smartphone has been designed to do everything kind of so-so in origin and has been the main camera for a lot of inst-famous models for years now and they are getting

My Netherlands photos in magazines

Photo by Miguel de Sá

When I travel, for work or for pleasure, my camera always come with me take photos, to film HSB PAYS-BAS (or OBT Netherlands in English) was no different (check the trailer here ⇓). And surprise surprised, some of my photos were published on some magazines. I didn’t explore much of