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For a while, I wanted to upload my old 6D for a better low light camera as I photograph a lot at night. Then came, 7 years later, the Canon R6. Which I guess is the real replacement for the excellent 6D. Are 7 Years of improvement finally paid off? Or is the EOS R6 a disappointment as the cameras between all these years? Only a way to find out…

ISO test

As I’m a one-shot Milky Way photographer I prefer that the Noise performance guests exceptional. 3200 ISO is the most relevant for me, so I looked at it in more detail.
This test jumps one-stop starting at 800 ISO up to 102400 ISO. No editing and no noise reduction filters applied.

⬇Photos on the left are the EOS 6D

Photos on the right are the EOS R6 ⬇

800 ISO
1600 ISO
3200 ISO
6400 ISO
12800 ISO
25600 ISO
51200 ISO
102400 ISO

For this I use the 102400 ISO and added noise reduction to the Canon EOS R6 and applied the exact same settings in Lightroom. Here is the result

⬆ EOS 6D | EOS R6 ⬆
102400 ISO

Download the photos used on this Post

Download Test Photos HERE

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