Curriculum Vitae in French?

Ya… sorry about that! In this page you can download it! As I live in France I did this Curriculum Vitae version first in French. I will share with you the English version as soon as possible, as I’m an international player. Maybe Portuguese to?! I don’t know….

You might be questioning the one page Curriculum, well, it looks like the rule here. So, share your perspective on the comments! Thanks! Here it goes the main points:


2015-2017 (24 mois) – Monteur, Vidéo Graphiste, Photographe, Directeur Photo – International Film – Sonnaz, France
2013 (6 mois) – Photographie – Yavuz Photo – Turquie
2013 (4 mois) – Photographie – Yavuz Photo – Courchevel, France
2012 (6 mois) – Monteur, Vidéo Graphiste, Photographe, – Multimédia International – Sonnaz, France
2010-2011 (11 mois) – Réalisateur Monteur, Cameraman, Photographe – Coliseu Micaelense – Ponta Delgada, Açores, Portugal
2010-2011 (12 mois) – Réalisateur, Cameraman, Vidéo Graphisme, Photographe – Freelance – Açores Portugal
2011 (4 mois) – Analyse critique de film – Artaffair magazine – Portugal


2011 – Formation des formateurs – EPROSEC – Ponta Delgada, Açores, Portugal
2009 – Niveau BAC+3 Art Plastique et multimédia – ESES – Santarém, Portugal

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