Gift ideas for photography – $50 or less!

Great and not disappointing gifts for Photography Beginners in the world of photography for cheap for Christmas, $50 or less. Photography has the name of being expensive, but here is something proving it wrong!

The products in the video, these are Amazon affiliate links, only as a suggestion, verify the ratings and if it is compatible with your current gear (camera brands, etc.)

00:21 5 in 1 Reflector
01:10 Smartphone’s Dongle Remote Trigger
01:52 Universal Camera Battery Charger
02:30 Camera Bag
The camera Bag that I review one & two
02:49 Peak Design Anchor Links for Camera Straps
03:23 Umbrella one & two
04:17 Camera Cleaning Kit
04:35 GorillaPod
05:16 Boom Pole
05:59 RGB Light one & two
PIXEL G1s RGB Video Light and Photography Review
07:15 Macro Extension Tube Set
07:58 Articulating Magic Arm
08:36 Flash Speedlite
10:10 Wireless Remote Flash Trigger

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