K&F Camera Bag (KF13.093) REVIEW

A camera bag isn’t just a bag, but the place where the expensive camera and camera stuff will spend most of its time. If a bag can’t take multiple hits and not protect the goods, it isn’t a camera bag. Also, the job of a camera bag is like a watch, it tells the time but it’s also telling who you are. K&F Concept send me this camera bag – KF13.093 – to make a review and to share with you guys the good, the bad, and the Sexy!

Here is the Camera Bag link: http://bit.ly/2NK4i0M
Filter Holder: http://bit.ly/32eLj1o

By unboxing this camera bag I found out that there is a small pouch with a really cool cleaning kit with some wipers, brush, and Mini water spray. Also, there is a lot of dividers that probably you will need just 2 or 3.
This is not a bag for a big DSLR, for that K&F have different bags just for that, this is for entry-level cameras like the Sony A6000 series or Canon M series… micro four-thirds series and most of the mirrorless, this is the perfect fit. So as well this isn’t a backpack… It’s a shoulder bag. So is this for the advanced amateur photographer? Hell Yeah! 
I don’t have digital cameras like that size… so for testing this camera bag, I went with a film camera from my vintage collection. (I did use this bag in a different way, but I will share it at the end of this video review) So, here is how I imagine someone will use this bag. With the internal dividers, it can configure a cozy space for all your stuff, here it’s a section for the camera, another segment for a second lens and a 3td one for a small flash, or some filters. In the front pocket have more space as well for extra batteries, SD cards, more filters and so on. Also in here, you can find out a zipper for a bucket that I don’t really use, but it’s good to know its there. Talking about buckets there is one on the back, without any zip, so it has fast and convenient access.

The Good

I like a bag that I can open and close with just one hand. Magnetic clippings and connected zippers make one hand use of this bag a breeze. K&f concept adds this four metal ponty bases supports, so it can benefit from not touching or sliding on the ground.
The coolest thing is if you want to use this camera bag as just a bag, just remove the protection and you get a rummy place on this bag to be just a bag.
The back pocket is a very handy thing, I put my wallet, keys, and phone here. so much more convenient than having this stuff on my self, especially when I’m hiking.
It’s a shoulder bag! You can use this bag combined with other backpacks (like a normal backpack, camping bag, picnic bag, school bag, laptop backpack, WW2 radio bag) and having the camera accessible quickly.

The Bad…

I don’t believe this design will be effective in rain. But… I don’t imagine this type of photographer will adventure himself in tropical rain.
I kinda wish that the interior wall was 100% covered in this velcro material… The dividers are big enough to use some creative separation like diagonal stuff thing or even horizontal separation as well.

The Beauty

I must admit … it’s a good looking camera bag, I mean… look at it! Has a lot of camera makers today are using the retro look camera, this camera bag will visually be suitable with these new trends.

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