Landscape Photography with K&F CONCEPT ND1000 Square Filter Kit

I’m reviewing the ND1000 Square Filter Kit from K&F CONCEPT (K&F SN25T1/SKU.1596), especially for long exposure landscape photography. I’m not doing the traditional “the good, bad, and conclusion…” because I don’t have many points to check, but more to explore how it feels exploring nature here in the Azores and how this filter my improve your photos. Click the Timecodes to go directly for what you want to check out!

Official website link and promo code (10% promo code: PT10OFF)

Also, I have one video checking the resulting photos on Lightroom⬇

Download Test Photos HERE

How much Shutter Speed with an ND Filter?

A simple method to calculate
the shutter speed with an ND Filter is:
(Shutter without filter) X (ND Filter Value) = (Shutter with Filter)
My exposure is using 1/250 of Sutter Speed
The Filter is ND1000
My exposure with the filter will be 4 Seconds

Some Photo Samples:

The Long Exposure makes it easy to mix the photos!

Don’t know what Shutter Speed, ISO, Aperture is?

Check my Photography Master Class playlist!

The products in the video, these are Amazon affiliate links:

My Camera Used to film this episode SONY FDRAX53:
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K&F Concept 100x100mm Square Filter Kit ND1000
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