Les Flammes Du Ciel – Short Film

Since I was a kid, I was fascinated with the Universe, Stars, Cosmos… By reading Carl Sagan’s book “COSMOS” I was inspired to make this short film. A kids imagination and how close it is to the Scientific Method… «Les Flammes Du Ciel» means “The Flames of the Sky”, for years I had this Short Film Idea, but only now, by playing with 360 cameras, I knew this is the way to go! This tipe of cameras has a cool ability of not having the “behind of the camera” as they record in 360 view, including up and down, and for that this images can be used to get views that a traditional cameras cannot, like the Tiny Planet effet.

All are in French, as it was the common language of all of the participants.

Please notice that this Short Filme has subtitles! I made it in English and Portuguese. Share the video, please!!!

The Participants:

Alice (Acting & Voice): Cora & Leïa
Script: Miguel de Sá & Coraline Fauges


Rúben https://www.instagram.com/rubenmralves/
Susana https://www.instagram.com/sus.ie_/
Elsa Bourgeois https://www.instagram.com/elsa.bourgeois.7/
Marco Figueiredo https://www.instagram.com/jmarcofigueiredo_traveller/
Inês da Silva https://www.instagram.com/maryoutdoors/
Aurelien Joyau https://www.instagram.com/ajoyau73/

Special Thanks:

Júlio de Sá
Jack Urvoy https://www.instagram.com/jackurvoy/

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