Making the EOS R10 & R7 BETTER?

Canon touched my nostalgia bone by launching the EOS R10 and R7, the old 7D was my first professional camera that I both with my own money.

Expanding, or shrinking, the RF Mount to APS-s sensors for action shooters, wild animal photographers, and beginners photographers, is the main focus of this video. Honestly, Canon, I was expecting to see a better lens for crop RF sensors.

Like the updated version of the EF-S 15-85mm. It was a very sharp lens for a kit lens, with fast and silent autofocus, and solid image stabilization. That makes any crop sensor camera feel like a full-frame camera on day-to-day use with the 24 to 135mm field of view! That range for me was essential to me, it helped me to understand through what lens I should invest in the long-term. 

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