Not a Insta360 One making Time Bullet (Action Cam or older 360)

Bullet time is a unique visual

And it’s possible now by high frame rates in smaller and smaller cameras, not just the Insta360 One camera, in action cams in general (GoPros, Sony Action Cam for example).

In Insta360 defense, it’s much easier use the One 360 camera that uses the impressive six-axis image stabilization and it’s the app to make this “bullet time” as its philosophy of “shoot first, a point later” instead of rigid selfie stick and some editing.

Bullet Time it’s a “matrix” like visual effect, usually accomplished with an array of synchronized cameras. Hard to do, and somewhat expensive. Check here this page (Fstoppers).
In the most important thing to create this effect is to keep the camera horizontally while spinning around, in this case, I did use a strong selfie stick and a handle. Use the highest frame rate as possible, 60 fps (like my Gear 360) is good but 120 fps, or more, is the ideal.
The magic of this is GoPro like cameras can do time bullet visual as well. But a narrow-angle of view compared to the unlimited angle of a 360 camera…

If you have a ball head and a handle you are ready to go!

5 thoughts on “Not a Insta360 One making Time Bullet (Action Cam or older 360)

    1. Hi Vince, I use a selfie stick with 1/4″ mounting screw, and on the end of the handle have again 1/4″ hole, that i used to connect a mini “ball head” that i use for my flashes and lights, and a handle. As you can see I did’t buy anything. Some people use something like this (there is a loot of tutorials like this on youtube) :
      Sorry to take some time to replay…

      P.S.: In the near future i’m doing a “cool ideas for pro looking videos and photos with a selfie stick” video.

  1. Thanks for the Reply Miguel! Just wondering, what is the handle you use? is it a 1/4″ screw rotating handle? I am trying to find something similar online and couldn’t. Do you have a link about where I can buy it?

    Really appreciate your help!

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