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Photographe the Milky-way Way – 📷

I started photographing the milky-way years ago… by learning from my errors. Starting by applying my knowledge of astrophysics and transport it in to astrophotography. Adding to my knowledge ideas from the internet, I have this technique to photograph the Milky Way and that is what I’m sharing here. We will explore from the gear, calculations, to camera settings.

Is a very long video tutorial, I have a lot to cover… And remember photograph the Milky Way is one of the most hard things to do in photography. For editing the photo, it will be another video… Lightroom app! Subscribe!


The gear: 01:00

Light pollution: 02:12

Light pollution Website : https://www.lightpollutionmap.info

When? (Photopills): 04:54

Photopills YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/user/photopills

Camera settings: 12:14

Shutter Speed: 12:35

Aperture: 17:47

White Balance: 18:41

Focus: 19:21

ISO: 20:45

Bonus Stuff: 22:05


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