Photographe the Milky Way with a Phone *part 2

Finally, I did the second part of how to photograph the Milky Way, this video is focused on answer the original video questions. As: what is the best smartphone to photograph the milky way? Don’t use high ISO? Is the Lens necessary? Must avoid light pollution? And so on. Please live a comment if you have other questions…

The first video tutorial (if you didn’t see it): 

After being very tired of trying to explain why 3200 ISO to photograph the Milky Way, I had to remake my original:

VERY DETAILED how to photograph the Milky Way in any camera (2 videos playlist):

The National Geographic video of light pollution study:

TIME-LAPSE (Milky Way and landscape videos in the AZORES):

Ulanzi U-Rig METAL (Smartphone camera cage) video review:
The Mirfak Moin Sport LED light Review:
Apexel 16mm 4K Review:


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