Photography: what is Exposure?

No matter what camera is used, DSLR, Mirrorless, Smartphone, point-and-shoot, know / control the camera, light and exposure is taking the photography to the next level…

If is taking photos or videos,
all gear are bound to the same Exposure Rules.

This video explains all 3 pillars of exposure, aperture, shutter speed, and ISO in the sensor part. I’m using a old Kiev 60 camera so I can show you see the mechanical stuff that happens during a photo.
So theory, theory and theory… Should I make a video tutorial putting all of this in practice while photographing?

So I advice you to play with these 3 subjects and see the results to learn. In the info card I added more videos that you can watch to go more in depth.
The lens “mm”:
Easy way to remember F-stop:
Shutter speed in super slow motion:

Tank you to Jack that help me, here check him out:


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