Q&A Buy Lens For the Milk Way? Big Announcement

Finally, I did a Q&A, if you didn’t know I did this, please check me out on Instagram and Youtube History.

Why the new lens is so expensive? 0:23 Instagram
Favorite destination? 1:18 Instagram
I lost the comment!!! DM to put your link here!
Introduce the best android apps to look for objects and stars in the sky for astrophotography? 1:36

Replay to the comments.

Can you see the milky way with your eyes or only in the photo? 2:29
Why ou replay to all comments? 2:51
S20 with 108Mp 3:02
Try to do it with Astrophotography mode in gcam mod 4:29
How do I capture on Realme C3 / Samsung 5:56
Do you need the wide-angle lens 6:26

Part 2 how to photograph the Milky Way

Are you Brasilien? 6:42
Buy lens to photograph the Milky Way 7:06
My Big Announcement! 8:14 – TIME LAPS Master Class

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