Snapseed app Tutorial part 2 – Snapseed and Lightroom

I use a loot Snapseed for most of my editing photos on my smartphone. In this video I focus in deep Snapseed, to star from the beginning click here

It’s a very powerful tool, in this video I focus on the “Nik Software” most known app

In this tutorial I explain how it works and some special features of this app. I start on taking a photo and the subject is backlit, but as the photo is RAW (smartphone takes DNG files) we can recovery the highlights overexposed and the shadows under exposed.

Is amazing how RAW editing can save a  very bad photo. Also I show how its possible to edit DSLR images with a adapter.

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Lightroom app:

Lightroom app for iPhone :

Snapseed app:

and for iPhone:

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