Super Moon Photo – It’s very easy…!

I’m not in love by photographing the Moon, but… I guess everyone else is!

The Super-moon is my opportunity to show you how it’s donne, of course this guide can be used to regular Moon photos.

Just a reminder, we did filmed the tutorial after taking the photo, so that’s why…
Here what you need to keep in mind:

1 – Know your surroundings I didn’t just want to make a photo of the moon, but I had this idea that is I was possible that the moon crossed with this Chappell, I was right when I did my calculations in : . And go earlier as possible, the Moon runs faster than you think.
3 – The main objective is not over exposure, all whites it’s in the moon in this case, use the histogram to make perfect exposure.
4 – After making your exposure use the “live view” mode on your camera to focus (it’s much easier), most cameras in this mode can zoom in, so you can be shure. Also be sure that your battery all full, this mode use it very fast.
5 – Use the fastest shutter speed as you can! I will avoid so much trouble…
6 – don’t hit the tripod… Yes we did this mistake… is dark, so just be sure where are the feets of the tripod, and yours.
7 – And I didn’t tell this on the video tutorial… use a shutter release or a 2 (or more) seconds delay, but I think you did figured that out.
8 – make a bunch of photos! Just to be sure that you got the ONE!
9 – If youre reading this congratulations, my big secret for this photo is that is not one photo, they are two, the second one is to recover the details on the shadows, I did this reducing Shutter Speed speed, again the histogram helped on that, the tripod did make sure that the image stay sharp. I did wait that the moon was out of the frame for this step. DON’T TOUCH THE CAMERA OR THE TRIPOD!!!!

What is the Supermoon:

Photography: what is Exposure:

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