TC-2335 K&F Concept Tripod Review

After buying a camera the second thing to buy must be a tripod. Not a second lens, or filters… but a good tripod. In that note, K&F Concept sends me the TC2335 Carbon Tripod Lightweight Portable for Travel Photography. The more I did research about it, the more I was impressed, less than 700 grams of a tripod, that holds on this ball head 12 kilos, for 50cm all closed and can go up to 1m35cm.

So… the description of this tripod is at its name. It isn’t a do it all tripod as my day-to-day tripod, but a light one to travel.

K&F Concept website:


I feel that the best way to test any tripod is to make Long Exposures…

It isn’t a do it all tripod as my day-to-day tripod, but a light one to travel.

Let’s explore the tripod, it has 5 telescopic carbon tubes and to reaching its max height a 6th tube below the ball head, which has some screw action to lock all in place. The ball head it’s vertical ready, has a level thing and a compass. There is a second bubble level were the legs meet.

The Good

So, let’s see, it’s a traveling tripod, so it must be extremely lightweight, extremely small, check and check, and should be a tripod! In the paper it says 12kg of payload (that’s a lot), but when you look at it… it’s hard to believe that it can do that… but it can, here is my camera with a grip and a big lens… carbon fiber tricks your mind a lot… it’s the same stuff that Ferraris are made of, and if it’s good to go 280 km/h I guess to stand still is good enough!
The size is more impressive than the weight, it’s so easy to attach it to any camera bag. Like this camera bag for traveling!
This ball head it’s compatible with Arca-Swiss Quick Release System, so if you already invested in some plates like this you are ready to use them.

The Bad

Most of my complaints about this tripod are applicable to all travel tripods… but, here we go!
It takes forever to get this tripod ready. Screw telescope legs can give a long life to tripods, but a quick-release and quick-locking legs on these tripods could become faster, but those add complications on packing it all up.
The best tripods never shake… this light construction and some wind can add complications, but I notice that the more weight it’s added on this tripod, the better it becomes, so do not hesitate to hook up your camera bag on the retractable hook.
The bubble lever on the ball head is hidden when my camera is on it…
The spread legs system isn’t on string tension. So it’s necessary to get special attention to tidy this up. As I didn’t.

& Travelers Adventures

I see why the K&F Concept sends this tripod with a traveler camera bag. They just match. But a good looking camera bag, the tripod has to look good as well.

So… I think the blue one is better looking than this one.

For who is this tripod? for the traveler and/or occasional traveler. So… Can it replace my main tripod? Hell no! Should you buy it? well… I recall my trip to Cinque Terre, Italy, and I did bring my camera stuff. We did a trial of 3 hours and I was in hell with all the weight at my back. Looking to my photos, I’m happy I did bring my tripod… but now I’m wishing I had this one… If you are mainly a traveler photographer this type of tripod is your main tripod.

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