The Good, Bad & Pro Moza Air 2

Moza send me the Air 2 for a video review, just before launching the new gimbal, the Aircross 2. So is the Old Air 2 still relevant? Yes! I think it is focused on professionals, mainly because of its characteristics. The payload, as well as the compatibility of big brands like Arri, RED cameras Sony cinema cameras and so on, makes it look like they are focusing on professional workflow. Of course it possible to use it with DSLR and mirrorless, but if your workflow is only with those entry-level cameras I really advise the Moza Aircross 2 to do this one.

Here is a video test that I have made with the MOZA Air 2

Fstoppers did call it “the best gimbal”. Here is their Moza Air 2 review:

I find this review very superficial, but it was the first time I heard the brand Moza.

Moza’s Ecosystem

One of the thing that I like about the brand Moza is their ecosystem that isn’t that closed, but compatible with a lot what of other brands because they use everything industry standard. I am referencing, of course, handles as well well the Slypod, which is a mix of monopod as well as a slider. Very cool!
A must-have for this gimbal is a handle, Moza has it own, but from other brands will work fine as well.

And of course, I had to make TIMELAPS

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