Strange Stuff on my Camera Bag 📷

Most projects in photography you have to DIY something… For that you need tools! Here what over the years I start to put on my camera bag that isn’t #photography related but I use for taking pics! I travel a lot at work but just knowing that I’m prepared to adapt to any situation isRead More

ThunderStorm! Lightning Photography Vlog

My first time photographing lightning!!! Just a vlog, for some reason in the middle of July a thunderstorm started at the beginning of the night… View this post on Instagram From some reason it started to rain like it was the end of the world! And #thunderstorm! #⚡ #🌩️ #⛈️ #longexpose #amazing_longexposure #tutorial #photography #photoofthedayRead More

My Netherlands photos in magazines

Photo by Miguel de Sá

When I travel, for work or for pleasure, my camera always come with me take photos, to film HSB PAYS-BAS (or OBT Netherlands in English) was no different (check the trailer here ⇓). And surprise surprised, some of my photos were published on some magazines. I didn’t explore much of Amsterdam, as an arts enthusiastRead More

Curriculum Vitae now in English and French

It’s done! In this page you can download it! As I live in France I did this Curriculum Vitae version first in French. The English version is an EuroPass CV, as I’m an international player. Maybe Portuguese to?! I don’t know…. So, share your perspective on the comments! Thanks! Here it goes the main points:Read More

My last job…

Out of job… yes for the moment I’m out of job… Is not that bad, I might be able now to get my hands on the portfolio (in some way is this site…) as well have some fun! Cum along for my new chapter. ! Une publication partagée par Miguel de Sá ( le 7 Oct.Read More