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Photography: what is Shutter Speed? Exposure part 2

So… part 2 of “what is Exposure?”, as you did ask on the video “Photography: what is Exposure?” that it was just theory, this one is focus on the Shutter Speed and in practice how it changes the look on your photo. Here i’m using my smartphone, but it’s apply in all cameras, as all in the photo/video world all obey to the exposure rules.

Part 1 of “Photography: what is Exposure?⇒

Here is this waterfall? It is in Praia da Viola in the Azores, São Miguel Island, were I was born and raised. Here is a cool playlist of videos that i made there.

This specific waterfall: https://goo.gl/maps/QaUotzSsdbU2

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Here is the results of this video tutorial:


Manual camera app:

(see if your native smartphone app have the pro mode or the manual mode before installing this apps) :

Camera app for iPhone :

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