360 VR Skybox now is free for Adobe’s subscribers

In the end of july this year Mettle announced that Adobe did acquire the Skybox’s plugins, a package of effects to Premiere pro and After Effects to help Adobe’s users on 360 vr videos. In a soon update we can have see it natively, but for the moment you can get it here (if you are an Adobe Subscriber) https://blogs.adobe.com/creativecloud/the-latest-and-greatest-in-vr/ (The instructions is in the end of the page)

In this video I show you how some stuff that you can do on 360 vr video using Skybox plugins and some suggestions to Adobe to add it in a near future.

What is Skybox: 0:21
-The cat videos: 0:42
Tutorials: 1:48
-Skybox on Premiere pro: 1:48
—Skybox VR Player: 1:57
—Skybox Rotate Sphere: 2:55
—Skybox effects VS Adobe effects (blur used as example): 3:30
—Skybox transactions VS Adobe transactions: 4:36
—Add 2D elements (text and logo used as example): 5:45
-Skybox in After Effects: 7:45
—Skybox Composer: 8:15
—Add 3D elements: 8:30
—360 vr video image stabilisation: 10:26
My suggestions for the future of Skybox: 12:00
And bye: 13:13

See the 360 vr video featured as exemple:

The pianist featured on the tutorial:


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