My Netherlands photos in magazines

When I travel, for work or for pleasure, my camera always come with me take photos, to film HSB PAYS-BAS (or OBT Netherlands in English) was no different (check the trailer here ⇓). And surprise surprised, some of my photos were published on some magazines.

Netherlands beach

I didn’t explore much of Amsterdam, as an arts enthusiast myself, not visiting the home and work of Vermeer was too bad, but the countryside of Holland as well other provinces (my favorite one is Friesland) I admit, have much more than I did could thought. History, technologie, art and landscapes to fulfill your straight lines OCD Photography!
Photography advice for Netherlands? Yes it is a flat countrybut stay-sharp to don’t fall in the sponge like land. And one more thing, avoid change lenses if possible, as the dust windy humid moist will easily glue it self into the sensor forever, or until a nightmare humid sensor cleaning…

A image of a reflection of a #windmill on the end of the week. #sunset #noworries #calm #wather

Une publication partagée par Miguel de Sá ( le

So here it is the two articles (in French followed by Dutch):
Les Pays-Bas l’autre pays du quad
Offroad Niederlande

HSB PAYS-BAS Vimeo On Demand


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