Dolphins and whale watching!!!

The summer of 2015, me and some friends did some whale watching in the Azores (whit a loot of dolphins watching), loots and loots of fun!
So this is the first time that I properly used the rugged selfy-stick, a birthday gift. I must be honest, I think I invented this technique. A conclusion that I made after found out that no one used this technique before…!

I must say very informative, about the dolphins as well the whales, sorry I did not get good quality images of the whales… but so we were lucky to see them, most are Sperm Whales… ya funny name! The dolphins was the most fun, they did get very close to us! That’s how I have this close shoots of the different dolphins. The Futurismo team was amazing, and no they did not sponsored this video, just what I think of this experience of watching. As I born and grow up in the Azores, São Miguel, I didn’t whale watching before, but now, I have to do it again!!! P.S: If you are looking for adventure, ask for the little boat!

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