My last job…

Out of job… yes for the moment I’m out of job… Is not that bad, I might be able now to get my hands on the portfolio (in some way is this site…) as well have some fun! Cum along for my new chapter. [sg_popup id=”7″ event=”click”]Subscribe to this site[/sg_popup]!

So, my last job was in INTERNATIONAL FILM, as I was the director of photography. It was great, I did travel a lot and, in winter, enjoyed the skiing, here in the French Alps.

I was producing HSB Hors des Sentiers Battus (OBT-Off-the-Beaten-Track). Is described as an discovery and nature traveling, as one unnamed man explores unusual as extraordinary nature as curiosities on a ATV. One time I did right about it:
“Escape entertainment, a breath of fresh air” is the new concept of the documentary series OBT. This discovery is done riding on a quad which allows access to inaccessible and beautiful places off the beaten track. This documentary focus one the feeling of relaxation and serenity to viewer.”

[sg_popup id=”4″ event=”click”] Here is the trailer of OBT [/sg_popup]

I did all the [sg_popup id=”5″ event=”click”]color corrections[/sg_popup] of all episodes, as the edit most of it. The different process that we used was unorthodox, first the rough edit to after right the script, by the director, and in the end the final edit to jump to audio mixing as color correction. This is not a usual way to do documentaries, or cinema, or TV programs, by using this method we have guarantied that the best looking images stayed in.

To film this episodes I did configured a mixed of Canon lens, with a Speedboster to a Sony FS-700 camera. Later was introduced the Atomos Shogun, as its unlock the possibility of filming on 4K.

We were a small team at this job (me and the director…) I did more than a director of photography. Well… I am a multi adaptable kind of person…

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