Mirfak Moin Sport LED, the ULTIMATE mini video LED?

Mirfak Moin Sport LED, a battery-powered waterproof light video review. The ULTIMATE mini video LED? This controllable video light via Bluetooth app. In this app, it’s possible to change the light temperature/brightness check the battery very easy! Also, it has “Super bright mode”

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The App:

By inboxing the MIRFAK Moin Sport LED, we can see that we have the quick starting guide, also I have here some colored filters, a very weird USB charging cable (more on that later), round sphere softbox and filter holder.
If you want the additional color and sphere softbox does are sold separately. In the standard box, you have the Moin Sport LED, Charging cable, translucid filter and filter holder.
And by releasing the Moin Sport led. I did realize that Mirfak lost a big opportunity to make a lot of people happy… by using a useless screw. If instead, they used a hot shoe to a ¼ adapter like this. These things are very handy, because all cameras use this mount! Especially for this light.
Here is the light itself, the Moin Sport LED, a waterproof (up to 10 meters), brightness and temperature controllable video light.

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And that is the keyword, video light. So here is a normal led, for computer modding and it’s in full power looks okay, but if I try to reduce its brightness… you can see the problem, this led just reduce the frequency to have less brightness, okay for the human eye, but not okay for cameras… A real video light like this Moin Sport LED this doesn’t happen. The more you know!

It has just one button, one press to turn it on, not on… on, but just on. To turn on the light press it for 3 seconds. And 3 seconds to shut it down. By pressing less than 3 seconds you will have what it looks like random color temperatures… If you are wondering the just on and no light on… well because it has Bluetooth magic in this! If you have this light you want to use this app, you can change the light temperature and brightness very easy! Check the battery and so on. Also change the light settings as you prefer, like the power off on standby. Another thing it has “Super bright mode”. The amount of light is mind-blowing, for something so small, but the battery will dray out very fast and it will radiate a lot of heat. That sounds like overclocking… it is overclocking!!! An overclockable light?!

And bonus you can, on this app, write morse code…

On top of the button, is the charging port. But this port is magnetic, not for security like the old MacBooks chargers and some phones, no! That it is designed to hold the weight of the MIRFAK Moin Sport LED and then some! I see this very useful… but then… most of the filming gear is non-magnetic metal… Still, I can attach this on a lot of stuff… like my smartphone! I use sheets of metal between my phone and the cover so I can use it as a GPS in the car. And look at this, how cool is this!

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