Photoshop Lightroom App – IN-DEPTH AND ADVANCED TOOLS

Over the time Adobe’s Photoshop Lightroom app is getting better and batter. If you don’t use this cloud storage and editing solution, let me show what are you missing. This video tutorial will go in-depth and advanced tools of Lightroom app.

All these photos were edited on Lightroom App

The photos featured on the video:

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Time Marks:
Copy the photos from a camera: 2:25 / 06:49
Lightroom Preferences 4:51
Create Folder and Albums 06:54
Share to the Web 06:59
View Shared Album 07:58
Face recognition feature 09:22
Filter and Rate photos 10:22
Info menu 12:30
Editing photos 12:48
Histogram 12:54
Before and After 16:10
SELECTIVE Editing 19:33
User Presets 25:55
Copy & Paste Edits 26:47
The “Ho” sigh 27:27
Exporting Images 27:37
Goodbye and Special tanks 28:40

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