Noise-free Milky Way photos? Sequator

If you are like me and don’t have much patience to work in staking astrophotography photos on the computer for hours? Well, Sequator is the answer! Here I’m testing it to see about its speed and results. I’m happy to report that the results are impressive, Noise-free, and detailed images of the Milky Way in less than a couple of minutes. But all isn’t perfect, I wanted more than 16-bit Tiff and reduced light pollution needs some refinement that I preferred just to correct it in Camera RAW/lightroom.

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AstroBackyard Sequator video🔗
Canon R6 vs 6D – Low-Light and Long-Exposure
How to photograph the Milky Way & Landscape in 2 Exposures

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Canon EOS R6

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Samyang 14mm

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My Camera Used to film this episode SONY FDRAX53:

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The K&F Concept TM2534T Aluminium Tripod:

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