Photographe the Milky Way with a Smartphone

Step by step tutorial of how you can photograph the center of our Milky Way with a smartphone.
The smartphone has been designed to do everything kind of so-so in origin and has been the main camera for a lot of inst-famous models for years now and they are getting better and better photographic cameras. But it is able to photograph the Milky Way? In fact,
is one of the most technical and camera demanding photos. High ISO very fast wide-angle lens helps a lot to get the best glowing center of your galaxy. In this video, I will have a crack on it.

“Big challenge for a normal camera, but this tutorial will find how far smartphones have come and if they will replace the big DSLR cameras (spoiler… not yet), but I will let you judge for yourself by downloading the RAW files from my LG G5 and my Canon 6D.

You can download these photos to edit them but you don’t have the license to use them in any other way (publish or in social media, sell, print, or other activities). You only download them to compare the 2 raw files in your favorite editing software. “I agree, download now”
You can contact me for any info: here

Go tray to photograph the Milky Way with your Smartphone!

Use #MilkyWaySmartphone.

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