Edit RAW DSLR photos with Smartphone? YES WE CAN

This tutorial shows how to edit RAW images from a DSLR photographic camera to a Android / iPhone  Smartphone. By using simple card reader with a USB plug/adapter. (in my case from a Canon 6D SD card camera to a LG G5 phone) and using the app Snapseed.

Travelling light, no laptop, use your phone!

Imagine that you want to travel very light, not enough light to not bring the DSLR camera… as I do a loot, one of the things we leave at home is the laptop PC, as I don’t even have. But we, photographers want to edit and publish the photos to Instagram at the same time as our friends, using their Smartphones on the hiking brake. My 6D have a wifi connection, but the quality of the image is smaller and compressed in jpeg format… no room for a real editing for a real photographer nerd like me.

The app Snapseed in Android:

In iTunes:

To see the resulted photo go here in my Instagram:


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