Tiny Planet Tutorial in After Effects, native effects, of 360 videos and photos

Video tutorial to make Tiny Planet in After Effects native effects, smooth animations, motion blur, control of the camera frame and reframe as I like out of the 360 image. I wanted animate my 360 videos and photos in Adobe After Effects, as they were very limited in movement and positions with Ae no third party plugins…

the search for Tiny Planet in After Effects native effects

I did what any modern man would do… Google it! and no luck, solutions was only to by plugins. I did find this free program: Insta360 Studio (for Mac and Windows) but it was very limited and clunky animation. After some exploration on After Effects effects (and my memory, because I was shore that i did stumble in to something like this before on AE) I did find a solution, and here I’m sharing with you. It have it all: smooth animations, motion blur and the most importent 100% control of the camera view.
I have a loot of exemples of my Tiny Planets in my Instagram is full of them!!! Here some of them (I will add more in Instagram in time):



One of them was the video uploaded to YouTube:

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