Wunder360 C1 – The Good, The Bad & 10% OFF 📸 Review

Wunder360 did send me the new C1 360 camera, to test it and make a video Review, but all in this review is my honest opinion. If you think that the title of this video is a clickbait, you are right, but it also true. This is my review format for now on, will be separated in 3 parts: the good, the bad and a conclusion.
So the Wonder360 C1, The Good, The Bad and Standoff.
Tell me what you think about this review format!

Jump for the Discount Code / Jump for the App download

Wunder360 C1 Speecks:

Jump for the Discount Code / Jump for the App download

Here is special link for 10% OFF for the new Wunder360 C1:

For the Europe(€€€): https://shopeu.wunder360.com/discount/Miguel
For other Countries($$$): https://shopus.wunder360.com/discount/Miguel
or visit: https://shopus.wunder360.com/ Use discount code → Miguel ← before payment.

discount code
→ Miguel ←

The Wunder360 app:

iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/wunder360/id1193432012?mt=8
the app I used to make tiny planet video:

Here some semples…
BUT this is from a old firmware, the images are much better now

Testing the  IMU of the Wunder360


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