My last job…

Out of job… yes for the moment I’m out of job… Is not that bad, I might be able now to get my hands on the portfolio (in some way is this site…) as well have some fun! Cum along for my new chapter. ! Une publication partagée par Miguel de Sá ( le 7 Oct.Read More

Dolphins and whale watching!!!

Video Print Screen of Dolphins

The summer of 2015, me and some friends did some whale watching in the Azores (whit a loot of dolphins watching), loots and loots of fun! So this is the first time that I properly used the rugged selfy-stick, a birthday gift. I must be honest, I think I invented this technique. A conclusion thatRead More

But for the eyes…

The windows of the eyes of… or the soul have windows and they are ey…?! It doesn’t matter. I’m not a macro photographer person. But for the eyes… all started with a friend proposed to take a photo of her sister’s eyes (both of them have nice eyes too). I do have a 24-105mm F4Read More

Time-lapse “Longe – Tenho tempo que voa”

“Tenho tempo que voa” it’s part of a collection of time-lapse that I make when I’m in Azores (or Açores in Portuguese), my home, Yes! I’m Azoren… This time I went to São Miguel whit my friends Elsa and Maëlle, so we did more than a time-lapse of Azores, so check my other videos.

Curriculum Vitae in French?

Ya… sorry about that! In this page you can download it! As I live in France I did this Curriculum Vitae version first in French. I will share with you the English version as soon as possible, as I’m an international player. Maybe Portuguese to?! I don’t know…. You might be questioning the one pageRead More