360 Image Correction Tutorial in After Effects and Skybox

Going back on my tutorial of converting 360 images into Tiny Planet, I now show how to correct and use the saving tool of Clone Tool. This is made simple after Adobe acquired the Skybox from Mettle to Premiere Pro and After Effects, download link down below. More in deep in how to correct the 360 phere and use clone tool for all time of Spherical Panorama maps, tiny planet or VR images in general. This last step is practical to remove the tripod on the nadir or other elements as well.

For some time that I’m saying that Adobe would buy something like Skybox or Canvas 360, as before that edition of 360 videos and photos was practically impossible. I would like to see some of this tools jumping in Photoshop. We hope so in a near future…

Download Adobe After Effects project:
After Effects project (7 MB)

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